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The uMkhonto we Sizwe (MK) Party urges all our members and supporters to remain calm and steadfast in the face of adversity posed by the agents of the ANC of Ramaphosa. Despite attempts to sow discord and confusion by Ramaphosa and his white monopoly capital, using dubious degenerates like Mr. Jabulani Khumalo, we assure you that the National Leadership Core remains united, resolute and intact. As confirmed by the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), President Jacob Zuma remains the one and only leader and President of MK party and continues to lead the party with strength and conviction.

We categorically denounce any attempts by the Ramaphosa-led ANC and its allies, including Mr. Jabulani Khumalo, to sabotage the MK party. President Zuma, the true architect behind the formation of the MK party, including its name and launch date, continues to guide our movement. Mr. Khumalo’s recent actions are a vindication that the MK party’s National Leadership Core’s decisiveness in expelling him was the correct move, and that the rogue activities that were identified were correctly detected as per the intelligence report. Mr Khumalo’s expulsion from the party further signifies our commitment to the principles for which we stand.

We take solace in the guidance and protection of the spirits of our ancestors as we navigate through these challenges, where ANC of Ramaphosa will stop at nothing to achieve their nefarious agenda. Ramaphosa’s desperate attempts to disrupt our momentum, evident through his manipulation and their deep throat phone calls known to us, only strengthen our resolve. We are also aware of Mr Khumalo’s very close and treacherous relationships with certain very senior IEC employees. Information and activities that we have known about for some time through our intelligence engagement

It is disheartening yet expected that Mr. Khumalo and the ANC of Ramaphosa have allowed themselves to be swayed by money to destroy President Zuma and the MK party which is the only hope and future for the poor, unemployed, and downtrodden people. As seen throughout their attempts, from deregistering the party, attempting to block President Zuma from being on the ballot, to attempting to stealing the MK
emblem to name a few, are the relentless efforts of the ANC of Ramaphosa and their White Monopoly Capital friends to dismantle the MK party will not deter us, nor will it succeed because MK party is driven and guided by the African warriors whose spirits remain restless as the black and African poor of this country remain landless, homeless and in dire poverty.

We call upon all MK party members, supporters, and those who yearn for real change to intensify our efforts. The next 20 days are crucial in our quest for total freedom and emancipation, hence we must remain vigilant against the machinations of Cyril Ramaphosa’s ANC and its allies. Let us expand the reach of our message to secure a 2/3 majority victory.

The uMkhonto we Sizwe (MK) party remains undeterred in our mission to shield the poor majority from the relentless neo-liberal politics of the Ramaphosa regime. Together, we will overcome these challenges and pave the way for a brighter future for all South Africans.

Nhlamulo Ndhlela
Media and Communications