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Today, marks 372 years since the arrival of Jan van Riebeeck in 1652, an event that heralded an era of profound suffering and dispossession for South Africa’s indigenous people. This saddest moment initiated the systematic degradation of the dignity, land, and wealth of our ancestors, establishing a legacy of inequality and injustice that lingers to this day. The era witnessed horrific acts of violence, including mass murders, slavery and rapes, marking the beginning of a prolonged struggle for the indigenous populace.

The subsequent Act of Union in 1910, a pact between Afrikaner and British colonizers, which excluded the indigenous blacks, further entrenched the exclusion of the black majority from the socio-economic and political fabric of their own country. This act systematically marginalized our kings and chiefs, stripping them of their authority and dignity. It is disheartening to observe the echoes of this exclusion in contemporary times, notably in the attempts by Ramaphosa ANC in its relentless, yet dismal attempts to disband MK party, so that, as the Afrikaners and Boers did, sideline the voices of the indigenous majority in the running of their country of birth.

It is worth noting that our current Constitution mirrors the 1910 Act of Union, perpetuating the marginalization of the indigenous population while ensuring the prosperity of the colonial signatories, hence MK party’s determination to amend it. The MK Party reflects on the cataclysmic events of 1652 not merely as a historical recount but as a dire reminder of the need for restitution and systemic reform in our present and future. The legacy of Van Riebeeck, characterized by greed, violence, and theft, inflicted deep wounds on our national consciousness and hindered our socio-economic progress.

Regrettably, efforts to dismantle this legacy have been largely abandoned by the ANC of Ramaphosa which continues, happily, to maintain the status quo, where land and wealth remain concentrated in the hands of a few. This neglect has exacerbated socio-economic disparities, leaving the rightful landowners landless and impoverished, deepening the divisions within our society.

As we approach the 2024 elections, the MK Party is resolute in its mission to redress these historical injustices. We advocate for a decisive two-thirds majority to allow us to amend the Constitution, aiming to reclaim the land and its resources for their rightful owners, restore dignity to our people and their leaders, and foster a society grounded in justice and equity.

We further commit to overhaul our current economic, governance, and social frameworks, which still favours the signatories at the expense of the indigenous people, to reflect values of fairness, inclusivity, and respect for our rich cultural heritage, prioritizing the needs of the disenfranchised.

By casting your vote for the MK Party with a two-thirds majority in the upcoming elections, you are championing a movement for lasting change. Together, we can heal the wounds of our past, build a more equitable future, and reclaim the essence of uBuntu that defines us. Join us in transforming our beloved country into a land of hope, dignity, and equality for all.

Nhlamulo Ndhlela
Head of Communication and Media