People’s Manifesto

MK Party Manifesto


The MK Party is committed to transformative change across all sectors of South African society. Our policies are designed to address the most pressing challenges we face today: economic inequality, inadequate access to quality education and healthcare, national security threats, inequitable land distribution, and the need for robust traditional leadership and foreign policies that reflect our values and aspirations. Through our manifesto, we aim to lay down a clear path towards a more equitable, secure, and prosperous future for all South Africans.

Electricity Policy

  • Stabilizing and Expanding the Grid: Extend the electrical grid to all corners of South Africa, ensuring enough capacity to power our industrial future, from raw material processing to manufacturing.
  • Sustainable Electricity: Continue to use and explore affordable and sustainable forms of electricity, prioritizing the benefit of South Africans.

Education Policy

  • Market-Related Skills Approach: Adopt a skills-first approach that meets market demands, ensuring education aligns with the needs of our economy.
  • Enhanced Skills Transfer: Enforce skills transfer based on shortages and imported skills, curbing abuses in higher education and promoting relevant training within our borders.

National Security

  • Securing Borders: Strengthen border security and reduce corruption, ensuring South African laws are respected and prioritized over foreign interests.
  • Legal and Structural Reforms: Overhaul law enforcement agencies to improve efficiency and effectiveness in combating crime and corruption.

Land Redistribution

  • Accelerating Redistribution: Fast-track land redistribution policies while maintaining food security and increasing food exports.
  • Resource Protection: Prevent the exploitation of South African resources by foreign entities, ensuring wealth remains within the country.

Health Care Policy

  • Accessible and Quality Healthcare: Ensure healthcare facilities are accessible, well-staffed, and well-resourced, including alternative medicine options.
  • Infrastructure and Staffing: Improve healthcare infrastructure and increase the number of healthcare professionals.

Economic Policy

  • Job Creation and Economic Growth: Aim to create 5 million jobs in 5 years by focusing on sectors such as mining, agriculture, re-industrialization, tourism, and infrastructure development.
  • Inclusive Economic Policies: Implement policies that clear growth impediments and maximize natural resource potential for the betterment of all South Africans.

Traditional Leadership Policy

  • Empowering Traditional Leaders: Strengthen the role and authority of traditional leaders in governance and community development, ensuring their participation in decision-making processes that affect their communities.

Foreign Policy and Regional Integration

  • Promoting Regional Stability and Cooperation: Advocate for policies that promote peace, stability, and economic integration within the SADC region and beyond.
  • Assertive International Presence: Ensure South Africa’s foreign policy reflects its national interests and values, advocating for fairness and mutual respect in international relations.

This manifesto outlines the MK Party’s vision and priorities, reflecting our commitment to a just and prosperous future for South Africa. Through collaborative efforts, sound governance, and a steadfast commitment to our principles, we aim to usher in a new era of growth and equality for all South Africans.