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Today, the MK Party celebrates a pivotal victory in the Electoral Court, marking a definitive triumph over the attempts by the Ramaphosa-led ANC to marginalize our party and former President Jacob Zuma. This landmark ruling overturns the Electoral Commission of South Africa’s (IEC) decision to disqualify President Zuma from participating in the upcoming elections, reaffirming his rightful place as a candidate under the MK Party.

This victory extends beyond President Zuma and the MK Party as it symbolises a victory for every South African who believes in fairness, democracy, and the inviolable right to elect leaders of their choice, free from undue interference. The judgment is a clear repudiation of the Ramaphosa-ANC’s overreaching efforts to infringe upon the rights of President Zuma, challenge the electoral legitimacy of the MK Party, and constrain the democratic freedoms of the South African people.

The Electoral Court’s decision, dismissing the objection rooted in Section 47(1) of the Constitution, reflects the extent to which the Ramaphosa-ANC and its allies are willing to go to obstruct the electoral choice of the people. This ruling emphasizes the critical importance of safeguarding individual constitutional rights to engage in the democratic process, without succumbing to politically motivated barriers. It aptly highlights the nuances of President Zuma’s legal situation, clarifying the distinction between the nature of his sentencing and the criteria for parliamentary candidacy.

As Mk Party, we urge the ANC of Ramaphosa and their collaborators to heed this judicial decree and to halt their baseless attacks on President Zuma and the MK Party with immediate effect and fight MK party in the ballot, not through state institutions. This verdict sends a strong message to the Ramaphosa-ANC and its allies that any attempts to subvert the law for political advantage will not be tolerated by MK party, its members, supporters and all the people of South Africa.

We are also immensely grateful to President Zuma’s legal team for their unparalleled expertise and unwavering commitment, which were crucial to securing this victory. Our heartfelt thanks also go to our members, supporters, and all South Africans who have stood by us, despite the continuous attempts by the Ramaphosa ANC to besmirch our reputation and impede our Constitutional rights to contest elections.

As we look to the future, we call upon all South Africans to acknowledge the significance of this triumph and to support the MK Party in achieving the necessary 2/3 majority. This 2/3 majority will ensure that MK Party quickly addresses land redistribution, ending load-shedding and water shortages, decisively deals with crime, border mismanagement whilst creating employment, and bolstering small businesses and youth incubation. The forthcoming elections offer a golden opportunity to elect leaders who genuinely reflect the will and aspirations of the people, untethered from political retribution and manipulation.

Let us reclaim our country from the real State Capturers who have driven South Africans to poverty, retrenchments and general backwardness.

Nhlamulo Ndhlela
Communications and Media