MK Party Celebrates Another Victory Against the ANC of Cyril Ramaphosa and TheirEfforts to Deny South Africans the Right to Reclaim Their Land.


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The MK Party proudly announces its third successive victory against the African National Congress (ANC) of Cyril Ramaphosa, marking a significant step in the ongoing struggle to uphold the rights of South Africans. The KwaZulu-Natal High Court in Durban’s recent ruling underscores that justice can still prevail, even when faced with the Ramaphosa-ANC’s relentless attempts to retain power through deceitful, abusive, and oppressive tactics.

This ruling is not just a triumph for the MK Party but for all South Africans who cherish the principles of democracy and the rule of law. The ANC’s continuous efforts to manipulate the courts, hoping that biased judges would favour their cause, as it has been the case throughout his term, have been met with resistance and defeat. This judgment serves as a stark reminder that the judiciary must remain independent and not be exploited by the Ramaphosa’s ANC in their desperate bid to maintain control, which has sadly become a hallmark of Ramaphosa’s tenure.

The High Court’s decision reaffirms the MK Party’s commitment to justice and fairness, resonating deeply with the spiritual legacy of South Africa’s great ancestors and warriors, including revered Kings, Queens, and Chiefs whose lands were brutally taken. This victory is not only for the living but also for the spirits of King Galeshewe, King Cetswayo, King Hintsa, King Langalibalele, Queen Manthatisi, King Sekhukhune, King Moshoeshoe, Queen Labotsibeni, King Jantjies and other courageous warriors who stood against colonial conquest with their spears. The Spear of uMkhonto weSizwe Party represents this enduring spirit of resistance and the struggle for justice.

Therefore, the MK Party’s recent victories must be viewed as a sign of spiritual guidance from these revered African heroes and combatants, indicating that the MK Party is the only political force able and capable of reclaiming the land and restoring it to its rightful owners—the impoverished masses of South Africa. Our commitment is to ensure that the land be used for the benefit of all, providing decent human settlements, sufficient farming space, food security, and other essential resources, but first we need to ensure that we get a two third majority to change this Roman-Dutch law that continues to colonise us.

With all the baseless cases brought by Ramaphosa’s ANC now behind us, although we know they will continue to fight through any means possible, our focus turns to nationwide mobilization ahead of the May 2024 elections. The MK Party is determined to unite all progressive South Africans, including the 45% who are unemployed, the 30 million who struggle to find their next meal, and the 62 million enduring load-shedding and water shortages. We are committed to providing a future where every South African has a voice, where the poorest can live with dignity, and where our nation’s rich heritage is celebrated and respected.

Together, we will bring about the change South Africa needs. This is not just a promise but a commitment from the MK Party, a party that represents the people’s hope, justice, and the fight for a better South Africa.

Nhlamulo Ndhlela
Media and Communications