Media Statement: uMkhonto we Sizwe Party condemns the intensifying disinformation and misinformation campaign against it and its leaders


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uMkhonto we Sizwe Party has noted with serious concern the continuing if not
escalation of falsehoods peddled regarding our party and some of its leaders.
This vicious, concerted disinformation and misinformation campaign that misuses
and abuses the name of President Jacob Zuma, seems to be not only aimed at
fermenting divisions especially within the leadership core of MK Party, but also aims
to cause confusion and disillusionment across the ranks.
It is also an appalling and a futile gambit by our political adversaries that want to
desperately cling to power by all means possible.
It would also seem to be the work of those who feel threatened by the traction that
MK Party has gained in the shortest possible time since its announcement.
The latest installment of these relentless attacks against the MK Party, are the
spurious claims on social media that “President Zuma has instructed our Interim
Secretary General, cde Thandoxolo Gorbachev Dyodo, to step down from his
Nothing can be further from the truth! President Zuma has not issued such instruction
and cde Dyodo remains seized with the responsibility of being the interim
administrative head of uMkhonto we Sizwe Party.
To also portray President Zuma as a dictator who hires and fires at a whim is
condescending and distasteful if not ludicrous in the extreme. President Zuma is part
of a collective that exercises its mind with due care and prudence.
Irrespective, there are no basis to demand that cde Dyodo resigns as he has been
performing his tasks with aplomb and leading the organization under extremely
difficult conditions of hostility from our political foes, doomsayers and little if any
Amongst the myriad of responsibilities he is seized with as the Acting Secretary
General, cde Dyodo is leading and directing an army of volunteers who form the
backbone of our election machinery.

These national volunteers, are an army that has its presence in every ward across
our country to give hope to the landless, poor and economically marginalized and exploited majority. These efforts are geared towards galvanizing registered voters to
come out in numbers to cast their votes that will result in MK Party yielding an overwhelming mandate (two-thirds majority) to govern our country after the upcomingnational and provincial elections to be held on the 29 May 2024.

Cde Dyodo and the rest of the leadership core is unshaken and undistracted by
those with a fertile imagination that aims to concoct lies about him, including other
MK Party leaders and the party itself.

No amount of propaganda and other machinations will deter MK Party leaders,
members and volunteers to recruit South Africans into the ranks of this fastest
growing political formation in recent history. We will also not stop to spread the
message of true liberation envisioned in free education, land repossession, safe and
secure borders and nationalization of our mineral resources, the reinstitution of black
economic empowerment, the reformation of water allocation rights and the SA
Reserve Bank.

uMkhonto we Sizwe Party will also spread the message of dismantling the racial
makeup of ownership of the commanding heights of our country’s economy and,
genuine transformation of other facets of South African life so as to make our country
a better place to live, work and invest in or even visit.

We call upon MK Party members to disregard these falsehoods and spurious claims
that are being peddled against their party and leadership. Let all hands be on deck as
we push for a decisive victory at the polls.

As Victor Hugo, the French poet and novelist correctly asserted: nothing is more
powerful than an idea whose time has come.

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Cde Nhlamulo Ndhlela
Communications and Media

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