Court Cases Launched by the ANC Against Umkhonto


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MK Party has noted the confusion in the media regarding the two separate cases which the ANC has launched against the MK Party two weeks after the announcement made by Former President Zuma, to campaign and vote for the MK Party in the 2024 elections and not the ANC of Ramaphosa.

The first case will be heard tomorrow, Tuesday 19 March 2024 in the Electoral Court sitting at the SCA Building in Bloemfontein. This case concerns the ANC’s challenge regarding the registration of the MK Party by the IEC, despite the ANC having failed to object within the 14 days allowed in law.

The second case was brought in the Durban High Court and it will be heard on Wednesday 27 March. This matter concerns the ANC seeking to interdict the MK Party from allegedly infringing its trademark, by using the name and logo which they seem to believe belongs to them as the ANC, inlcuding it’s disbanded military wing.

The MK Party will strongly oppose both matters and, therefore condemns the ANC for wasting the courts time and resources to fight political battles. The question of whether the true hopes and aspirations of South African’s are represented by the ANC of Ramaphosa or the MK Party will be answered by the voters on the 29 May and not the courts.

MK Party will also engage in unprecedented mass action to ensure that banks desist from being political actors whilst resisting transformation. We will also intensify efforts to compel financial institutions to truly transform and play a constructive role in building our country’s economy for the benefit of all instead of the rich and powerful.

Everything for the Revolution and nothing against it!

Cde Nhlamulo Ndhlela
Communications and Media

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