MK Formation & Principles

MK Party was formed by revolutionary custodians of our erstwhile glorious liberation movement, the ANC in order to restore that very same glory.

It is in fact by all means a vote for the Movement via custodianship in order to return the country to the real liberators and not allow the derailment of the people’s true revolution, real freedom and full participation in their country and resources to continue by planted elements who have now hijacked the movement.

The organization was formed and registered in consultation with Leaders of the movement, royals, church leaders and organic community leaders.

Former President Jacob Mlhanganyelwa Gedleihlekisa Zuma, was amongst those who were thoroughly consulted and continues to be consulted as the last leader who persued real emancipation and suffered dearly for it.

Those who formed the organization and risked their lives for it knew what would happen once they succeeded in giving hope to the nation.

Those who sacrificed their financial resources not knowing what will happen and those who continue to carry the movement without seeking positions knew that they are laying the foundation for others.

An African idiom says “ He who prepares the ground under the shade, is not the one who will sit under that shade” . A concept our leaders have forgotten as they plunder and eat everything as-if there is no tomorrow.

We who founded MK are here to make sure that that foreign culture is uprooted and that we give leadership to those who deserve to lead and are capable of leading without being indebted to anyone except those who fought for this liberation and those who must liberate us through prosperity in the future.

We therefore assure all members and voters that no one will hijack MK Party and that we will continue to work with all leadership under the guidance of our Stalwart Cde JG Zuma in order to deliver a leadership that is wanted by the people through our grassroots approach and not impose Careerists and Those who had taken advantage and misused our former president’s empowerment drive.

We assure the people that The MK is a real party and solution to be handed over to the people and not members of anyone’s family and that we know and believe that JZ is a revolutionary and does not believe in such dynasty politics.

The MK shall continue to work selflessly and tirelessly without seeking positions and fame by keeping our interim President and the volunteer team that he works with as the only people tasked to unite us in purpose and pursuit of Land, Food Security, Economic Emancipated, Cultural Ownership & Freedom of our country under the leadership and guidance of our Royals and Spiritual Leaders.

Let us not be distracted by Spies and their Infiltration Divide & Rule Tactics!!

Let Us Mobilize our energies towards delivering The Vote that plunges and stops the enemies of A Free Prosperous Nation!!!

Viva The spirit of Selflessness!!

Viva The Spirit Of Non Surrender!! Forward Ever! Backwards Never!!

Lesang Makwala A Cheche!!